Jun 10th Important: We are adjusting our pricing structure

Dear Clients, HostBigSpace has always strived forward to improve our service and provide the best service in the market. We have decided to upgrade the reseller server to SSD Storage and with RAID technology which would boost the performance of the server remarkably. However, SSD storage is not possible with the current price we charge for our ... Read More »

May 16th New Hosting Limits on Reseller Server

Dear Clients,  Due to the increasing load issue on the server, we have decided to reduce the Hosting Limits for each account to Standard Hosting Values suggested by Cloudlinux. Reference Typical Hosting Account New Limits SPEED=100% PMEM=512MB VMEM=0 IO=1024KB/s IOPS=1024 NPROC=100 EP=20 If you ... Read More »