Dear Clients,

Last night there was a major announcement from cPanel that they are changing their pricing structure without any prior notice. This shook the entire web hosting industry as the new prices are based on the no. of accounts hosted.  There is an insane increase in the price of new cPanel hosted systems. As per the new pricing structure, they are charging $0.20 for each cPanel account hosted on the server. Soon after they changed their prices there was complete backslash on the new policy on various Hosting forums.

What's going to be the impact of this?

  • Being on the internet is going to get costly with immediate effects.
  • Shut down of small web hosting companies.
  • Dark future ahead for Master, Alpha & Super Alpha resellers.
  • End to the term "Unlimited Accounts".
  • As per a thread on a famous forum, around 90% of hosting companies will be affected badly.

cPanel being a monopoly whose family includes WHMCS, Plesk and many other famous products are expected to follow the same soon.

There are several talks around the market to shift to other hosting panels like DirectAdmin, Plesk & VestaCP. But due to non-familiar environments and complicated nature of the said Panels would be tough for newcomers. 

At the moment, we have not yet decided how we are going to tackle this issue. This was completely unexpected and devastating news to hear. Our next announcement would surely be arduous and unpleasant news for you to hear.



Friday, June 28, 2019

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